Speaking Engagements and Teaching

Practicing Law Institute

  • Drafting an Arbitration Agreement in 2023: Practical Lessons (posted to PLI library October 2023)

Atlanta International Arbitration Society

  • The Risks and Benefits of New Technologies to International Arbitration (including artificial intelligence) (October 2023)

New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section

  • Practical Tips for Navigating Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Issues in Arbitration (June 2023)

ITechLaw 2023 World Conference Toronto

  • Judicial and Arbitral Technology (May 2023)

New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section Insurance Disputes Committee

  • Arbitrations in Representation and Warranty Insurance: Understanding the Unique Issues (January 2023)

College of Commercial Arbitrators

  • Webinar on Arbitrator and Mediator Note-Taking Practices (January 2023)

Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center

  • Arbitration of Cybersecurity Breach Disputes (October 2021)

ICCA (International Council for Commercial Arbitration)

  • Webinar: Arbitration and Cybersecurity in the Virtual Age (September 2021)

New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section

  • Commercial Arbitration Training for Arbitrators and Counsel: Ethics and Cybersecurity (2019, 2020, 2021)


  • Med-Arb: The Best of Both Worlds or an Unnecessary Intermediary? (June 2021)

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Canada, New York, and North American Branches

  • Tutor in Accelerated Route to Fellowship Program (May 2021)

Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center

  • Strategic Tips for Arbitrator Selection in Technology Cases (March 2021)


  • Expert Tips on Wing Arbitrator Nomination of Tribunal Chairs (February 2021)

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

  • Cybersecurity in International Arbitration (January 2021)

New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section

  • Cybersecurity in the Post-COVID Era ... More Important than Ever (October 2020)

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Canada

  • Delivering on the Promise: Experiences, Issues, and Practical Considerations in the Use of Expedited and Emergency Arbitrator Rules (September 2020)

New York State Bar Association
Dispute Resolution Section Mediation Training Program

  • Mediation Choices for Effective Representation and Advocacy (2018, 2019)
  • Tactical Decisions in Mediation (2020)

Confindustria Toscana Sud

  • Drafting Multi-Tier Dispute Resolution Clauses (July 2020)


  • Nuts and Bolts of Cybersecurity for Video Arbitral Hearings and Virtual Arbitrations (May 2020)

FTI Consulting
CPR - International Center for Conflict Resolution and Prevention
Legal Innovators

  • Getting Your Business Past COVID-19: Resolving Disputes Through One-Stop Mediation (May 2020)

Georgia Arbitration Forum

  • Cybersecurity in Arbitration and Security Issues on Videoconferencing Platforms (May 2020)

Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center

  • Practical Tips for Navigating Cybersecurity and Data Protection in International Arbitration (January 2020)

Shiefelbein Global Dispute Resolution Conference

  • Cybersecurity in Global Dispute Resolution (January 2020)

Fordham Law School

  • International Business Transactions course (Guest Lecture, 2017, 2019)

George Washington Law School

  • International Arbitration class (Guest Lecture, 2019)

New York Arbitration Week 2019

  • Launch of ICCA-NYC Bar-CPR Cybersecurity Protocol for International Arbitration (November 2019)

Miami Tech/IP Arbitration Seminar
Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center
Miami International Arbitration Society
Florida International University Law School

  • Cybersecurity (November 2019)

United States Council for International Business, ICC USA, ICC Italy and Confindustria Toscana Sud

  • International Contracts and Arbitration (June 2019)

ABA Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting 2019

  • Clicking Confidential: Practical Guidance to Protect Cybersecurity and Ensure Cross-Border Data Privacy Compliance in Arbitration (April 2019)

American Arbitration Association/International Centre for Dispute Resolution

  • Cybersecurity and Arbitration: Arbitrating B2B Data Breaches and Protecting the Arbitral Process (December 2018)

ICC Miami Conference on International Arbitration

  • Consultation Workshop on Cybersecurity Protocol (November 2018)

ABA Arbitration Webinar Series

  • The Award, Remedies and Post Award Process (Moderator, 2015, 2017, 2018)

Practicing Law Institute

  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection in International Arbitration (October 2018)

New York State Bar Association
Commercial and Federal Litigation Section
Arbitration and ADR Committee

  • Developing Your ADR Career (February 2018)

New York International Arbitration Center
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Debevoise & Plimpton
New York City Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
Transnational Dispute Management (TDM.com)
Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center

  • Arbitration Technopolis (Co-Chair) (November 2017)

New York State Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section

  • New Bottles for Old Wine: Innovation in the Dispute Resolution World (Moderator) (October 2017)

ICC New York Conference

  • A Duty to Protect and Secure: Safeguarding Confidential Information in a Digital World (September 2017)


  • Making International Arbitration Great Again (September 2017)

Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy LLM Program
Capstone Program

  • Looking Forward: The Legal Profession (2017)

Association of Corporate Counsel Europe
Corporate Counsel International Arbitration Group
Association Suisse de l'Arbitrage

Conference on International Arbitration: Choices for Corporate Counsel

  • Emergency Proceedings and Interim Awards (London, March 2017)

Atlanta International Arbitration Center

  • Mediating International Commercial and Investment Disputes (October 2016)

Fordham International Arbitration Conference

  • Arbitration Goes Digital (October 2016)

Debevoise, New York International Arbitration Center and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

  • Red Flag Alert: Data Security in Arbitration (May 2016)

Center for Prevention and Resolution of Disputes (CPR)

  • Addressing the Reasons Parties and Counsel Avoid Using Dispute Resolution (February 2016)

ICC and United States Council for International Business (USCIB)

  • Cost Decisions: An Effective Case Management Tool for Parties and Tribunals (January 2016)


  • Effective Dispute Management for Better Business (corporate counsel panel) (Paris, November 2015)

31st Annual Joint Colloquium of the AAA/ICDR, ICC and ICSID

  • The Corporate World and International Dispute Resolution (Moderator, November 2014)

ICC and University of Florence

  • International Commercial Arbitration Summer Seminar (program faculty, July 2014)

Annual Americas Workshop of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration, Brazilian Arbitration Committee and the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce

  • Practice and Strategy in the Final Stages of Arbitration (September 2013)

ICC International Court of Arbitration and Universita Degli Studi Firenze Arbitration Summer Seminar

  • Corporate Counsel Panel (July 2013)

Third Annual ICC Asia-Pacific Conference

  • Institutional Arbitration in the Asia-Pacific Region from the Corporate Counsel Perspective (March 2012)

ABA Section of Dispute Resolution

  • Myth Busting: Arbitration Perceptions, Realities and Ramifications (April 2012)

ABA Annual Meeting

  • Myth Busting Panel (August 2012)

Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA)

  • Corporate Counsel and Arbitrator Perspectives (moderator) Invitational Discussion Panel (moderator) (June 2012)

ABA Section of International Law

  • Has International Arbitration Lost Its Mojo? The Unvarnished View from In House Counsel (October 2012)

Litigation and Case Management Speaking Engagements

New York County Lawyers Association

  • Panel on The Client's Perspective of Business Litigation (May 2012)

New York State Bar Association Corporate Counsel Institute

  • Panel on Litigation Management (October 2011)

Sandpiper Partners Leading Law Departments Summit

  • Panel on Techniques for Saving Money, Improving Efficiency and Adding Value (February 2011)

New York State Bar Association Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Annual Meeting

  • How Inside and Outside Litigation Counsel Can Add Value and Reduce Costs for Corporate Clients (January 2011)

Sandpiper Partners Leading Law Firms Conference

  • Resetting the Agenda with Corporate Clients (October 2011)
  • Panel on Making The Short List in 2011 and Staying on It (November 2010)

AmLaw Litigation Summit

  • Data Driven Triage for Painful Lawsuits: Insights for Corporate Legal Departments on Risk, Predictability and Cost Control (October 2010)

New York State Commercial Division Judges

  • In-House Counsel Panel (June 2010)

Conference of Chief Judges - Mid-Atlantic Conference on Business Courts

  • Qualifications and Training of Business Court Judges (October 2008)